Should Zoe and Caleb have anal sex in the comic?

This won’t be coming up for a while, but thought it would be best to get input from the fans. Early this year I did a poll asking if I should introduce Caleb and change the focus of the comic to a more story driven comic, compared to it mostly being slice of life/gags previously. Even though I got a yes by like 80%, when I actually implemented those changes I got a lot of angry people commenting and lost probably about 200 readers in the switch. I still stand by those changes, and think the comic is far better now for them, but anytime you do SOMETHING there are going to be those that disagree. One thing people really need to get is, do not try to self insert yourself into the comic, this isn’t one of those wish fulfillment comics. Many took it personally and were calling Zoe a whore for her interest in Caleb, clearly having invested in Zoe/Damien. I always found that peculiar  considering it was made clear that the two weren’t dating, and [SPOILERS] she cheats on him with Audrey while pregnant with his kid. This is a story about Zoe and her sexual experimentations/growth first and foremost.

I am mainly considering her having anal sex while in a relationship with Caleb for a couple reasons.

1 [SPOILERS] I am not going to include the Eli subplot of her considering anal with him.

2 their relationship will continue for about 2 months (story wise, not comic posts -it may take many months before the arc is finished) and during that time she will remain a virgin, but she is also really becoming adventurous and bold.

3 I am trying to have parallels between Zoe/Caleb and Damien/Rose whenever possible, and Damien will be having sex with Rose at some point.

So what do you guys think? Be sure to vote in the poll below, and if you want to see more exclusive drawings (like a full color version of the one above) be sure to become a VIP+ member