I am going to be doing a raffle at the end of the month and the random winner will get a 2hr commissioned drawing. Every comment you make from now until then on the Zoe comic or blog gets you an entry, you can enter as many times as you want. If your comment is just “Yo” or something I won’t be counting that so make sure they are REAL comments, they can be critical, I’m not petty but if they are just 100 comments saying “You Suck” it will be treated the same as anyone going “Yo”.

The commission will be a bit better than a speed drawing but probably not long enough to do a Zoe comic quality image unless I happen to really be in the zone. Basically it will be the best drawing I can do for you in 2 hours of dedicated drawing (a Zoe page takes me about 10hrs…) So it can be in color, just know that time spent coloring is time taken from the linework’s quality.  Also the commission must include nudity and at least 1 “female” as it will be in my VIP section as an extra thing they get to enjoy. I will draw almost anything, but no lolicon or guro. I will do futa or furry but neither are my forte so the quality may suffer.

I retain any commercial rights to the drawing so you can’t sell it, but feel free to spread it around as long as you give me proper credit as the artist (no claiming you drew it lol).

If this turns out to be a hit I will consider doing it monthly, hoping it will both increase the involvement from you readers as well as will give an extra drawing for my Patreon readers that may be strikingly different than something I’d normally draw.