Ok, so my computer may be dying at any minute. Over the past few days it shut off automatically some time while was gone at work. Thought it was an issue with settings as the computer just did an update automatically and it messed with the look and settings a bit. Then today it, out of the blue, turns off on me drawing. I opened it up and realized the fan attached to the motherboard isn’t spinning, I nudged it and it started up, but keeps slowing and occassionally stopping. I have a small fan laying on the tower blowing in to hopefully keep it from overheating temporarily but doubt that will work long term.

So now I have a dead car (which will be fixed today, 180 for a new alternater and I don’t think that quote includes labor, so am assuming it will cost me all told 250$ (this isn’t even dealing with the original issue which is still a waiting game with the transmission). Now the computer is also giving me strife, and is a fitting end to a shitty week…

I am doing a kickstarter to try to raise 300 to get my computer fixed. I don’t know if that is more than I need, or far less than I need. Set it there because 300 seems a level that I can reach (Kickstarter only pays if it reaches the goal). The Kickstarter will be, like with the gofundme last week, rewarding you with a digital copy of my upcoming one shot comic, Allie and Abe. It is an incest comic about a brother and sister having anal sex together. So if you would like to see the guy pictured pound the girl pictured virgin butt be sure to support the Kickstarter. The bigger the Kickstarter gets the bigger I will make the comic adding more pages in stretch goals.

So if you like my comics and want to help me keep making them please lend your support. Also, if you know anything about computers, feel free to let me know how much I can expect it to cost me, and whether it is something I could do myself or will I need to take it to a repair shop. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1422175029/allie-and-abe-oneshot-comic