First, I should have old Zoe pages posting within a week or so, secondly the current VIP section will be cleaned up a bit from clutter and the price will be 1$ instead of 5$. In this one you can see the old Zoe comics in their entirety as well as see new Zoe as soon as finished instead of when they are scheduled to post.

Now on to the major announcement. I am going to be making a Proper Patreon VIP section. It will be within the Patreon site so those who are in the tier will get notifications when there is new content and it will be entirely devoted to making small oneshot comics. This tier will be the new 5$ tier. When it launches at the end of the month there will be probably 30 to 40 total pages between different projects with new projects posted every month. Some may end up ambitious and lasting as many as 10 pages but at the minimum there will be at least a 1 page drawing posted each month.

Currently I am working on a oneshot that will roughly be 10 pages when finished (halfway done with page 6 at the moment) It should be done within a week. So at the end of the month the vip would have Allie and Abe, SweatPea, and this new comic (which still doesn’t have a name). It will also have some single page things I’ve done in the past. So if you like stories centered around sex these will be right up your alley.

The new comic I am working on is about a boy coming to stay the weekend at his sisters apartment. He brought a friend and his sister takes a liking to the friend…


The comics made for the VIP will mostly be in color, only in B/W if that stylistically looks better. I am trying for a more cartoon like feel in this one and am liking the outcome. I have tons of ideas for oneshots, some I’ve started in the past. The main difference now from back then is I am limiting myself. My perspective has changed. Before I would try to push myself artistically with every comic (which has lead to a great amount of progress in my ability) which often leaves me disapointed at little mistakes and then because going back and redrawing the page is out of the question I often scrap the whole thing. the biggest victim of this is my skater girl comic that past VIP members might have seen some half drawn pages of. The other main problem I had was I would get over ambitious and try to expand on ideas and turn simple 5pg ideas into the next Zoe. This most recently with the space themed comic I mentioned last week. They become too much to handle and get left behind.

I have about 10 oneshot ideas I want to do and by doing them fast and dirty they will get done and out there for people to enjoy instead of just in my head.

So if you like the artwork shown above and would enjoy some self contained stories that have a clear conclusion, many of which will center around a girl getting impregnated, this may be the Patreon for you. With new comics every month, ranging from 1 page ideas like


to full comics that introduce fun new characters and show them having sex