Still in progress but I am making a timeline to better orient people. I get a lot of comments about transitions and the way I pace the story and I hope this will help people better follow the story. I am including synopsis’ for everything that is canon including the 11.5 arcs that were taken off the site that didn’t really progress the story much. I will post a few more as I get free time and it will take me a few more days before I get it all the way up to date then I will make a little button somewhere on the main page so that people can always get caught up in a relative flash (or you know you could read ever page over every week 😉 my analytics would love that)

Also I SHOULD have next weeks Zoe page done tonight and on the VIP section. I got to shade 1 panel and do a xray panel then just text and backgrounds (which will likely just be gradients again to better give contrast).