So my vacation ends and I go back to work tonight, had 11 days off now will have 10 on including 5 that are 3rd shift… not looking forward to that.

SO it wasn’t as productive a vacation as I would of liked. I got distracted by binging. I watched all of Gravity Falls (which is awesome) and played all of Horizon Zero Dawn (which is awesome too).

This post is about what I accomplished and failed to accomplish over the vacation.

I got this coming Zoe done as well as have the following weeks Zoe sketched out and partially drawn.

I started multiple oneshots and abandoned multiple oneshots…

aokos wish pg1

This I call AOKO’S WISH and is a futa oneshot. May come back and finish it but as futa really doesn’t do anything for me I find motivating myself to draw it a bit of a chore.

a big tip

This I called A BIG TIP and am not happy with the art, might come back to this one in near future with better designed characters. Meant this to be a play on the most cliche of porn cliches.

What I did start to realize with this is don’t color right away. Coloring a page takes me at least 10 hours for a single page. If I do it page by page and finish the first page like AOKO’S WISH I then am overwhelmed with the knowledge that I got another 70 hours I need to toss into this project. Same issue I have been having with the SHORTY comic. SOOO. I have found with my newest oneshot project (as well as with THE VISITOR) that do all the lines and have it finished as a b/w comic THEN GO BACK AND COLOR. That way at least the hard parts done and the tedious part seems a little less overwhelming on my time.

You read my mind1 pg1lines

So this is from the oneshot that I’ve actually accomplished stuff on. I am currently halfway through page 5, will be 7 pages when finished and should have the lines posted to Patreon by the end of the month (not sure how much drawing time I will have over the next 10 days…) This oneshot is called YOU READ MY MIND and those that are liking the incest angle that Zoe is taking will love this. It is incest between a twin brother and sister. I originally started this oneshot about 2 years ago but abandoned it as I wasn’t happy with the art. I am really happy with the character design of Molly in this and think the art once colored will rival ALLIE AND ABE (another incest oneshot I’ve done).

Finally in more pacman fashion characters I’ve created a character concept for a new comic idea.

neila concept

I am thinking about trying to adapt my short claymation from college into a comic. It wouldn’t be adult or even very fanservicy. It is called MONSTERSEEKERS and is a parody of shows like MONSTERQUEST and UFO HUNTERS. The claymation turned out terribly, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing when it came to stop motion. But have always thought there could be something there if done right. I am looking into changing the focus up, to be less of a direct parody and more character driven. I drew up this character to be the daughter of the main “scientist” that investigates the paranormal. I call her LA LA (her name is neila Labast, alien backwards) and when having her glasses up looks like she has a pacman ghost on her head.

I don’t see myself really doing anything with this for about a year. It is a thought for a comic I could do whenever the PS4 game IN DREAMS ever sees the light of day (I bought my ps4 at launch because I wanted one FOR THIS GAME) I suck at backgrounds and if I build it all in 3d and then just trace it I can get really realistic and detailed backgrounds. Something that isn’t a big deal on Zoe but is a hinderance for most other ideas I want to pursue. There are so many comics I want to tell but because I suck and backgrounds I don’t do them because a bad background really ruins a page when you are trying to make something that looks professional. I’m hoping they give a firm release date for IN DREAMS at E3 but I am fearing it will turn out to be VAPOR WARE… But after watching all of gravity falls I really just felt like doing putting a few hours into a project idea that isn’t adult. I love doing Zoe but wish I could do something a bit more substantive. If that game ever comes out I think it can be my ticket towards doing things on a level that allow for stories I am more proud of without needing to pay better artists to do it and then leave the project like happened with This place called nowhere, and really want to tell that story too…

Alright, a bit of a mess, but thanks to those that read and understand. For those of you who are Patrons, sorry for not getting the oneshots done I promised. I DID get THE VISITOR finished and it is posted

Thevisitor pg1color

and tried out some new ideas in how to color that I think with a bit more polish could really be put to good use like gradients.

I will have the YOU READ MY MIND oneshot posted before the end of the month and will do up something small in color for you guys as well. Maybe a ALOY fandrawing as I’ve got an idea of her riding a robot of a different make 😉