Would you donate to a kickstarter if the main reward was a oneshot 3 way between Zoe, Abi, and Tommy
  • 28.93% - ( 35 votes )
  • 12.4% - ( 15 votes )
  • 49.59% - ( 60 votes )
  • 9.09% - ( 11 votes )

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The pictured drawing is from a oneshot I am currently working on for my Patrons and making big breakthroughs on how to color with it.

I would like to do a comic that gives you all what you want. I’ve gotten like 30 comments that imply they want the party taken over to Abi. That won’t work in canon with what I am doing but would be perfect for a special comic that doesn’t follow or effect the main story.

I picture it as basically as an 8 page story where a few days after the current arc Zoe tries to convince her mom to join them, that she is going to fuck her uncle again regardless of Abi’s approval and it would be best if Abi embrace it, plus they both love Tommy, and what in the world could Tommy wish for more than to fuck mother and daughter together. Abi would begrudgingly agree and the 2 would head out to surprise Tommy. The whole arc would parallel the current arc, and would include them driving to his house again. This time instead of Zoe messing with herself she would mess with her mom. even trying to eat her mom out on the drive nearly causing an accident. Zoe would watch attentively as Abi is fucked by Tommy. and then would get in position and get fucked herself. Then would convince her mom to do stuff with her for awhile while Tommy recoups from 2 intense fuckings. and it will end with Zoe finally getting a taste of her mom.

The main reason I want to do this is I don’t think my computer has much more life in it. It has crashed a few times and it often can’t handle skype and Manga studio going at the same time. My pen will lag making drawing become very hard when marks don’t appear till a second after they are made.

The worst purchase I ever made was going from my old mac to a PC a little over a year ago. I hate PC, I am not very computer literate and dealing with all the crap that comes with PC causes me a lot of anxiety. So many programs open automatically and it is so hard to find things, My mac was nicely organized with a clean and fast OS without all the annoying bells and whistles. Also I could record my drawings and make how to videos, something that I’ve struggled with on PC as I can’t get things like open broadcast to ever work or that site picarto. I originally did my comic on a referbished 2006 Mac and that was nearly as capable as my midrange PC is at running art programs (I don’t game on my computer so that isn’t a draw for me). I’ve looked at a few referbishing sites and it seems apple doesn’t make Mac Pros anymore and I would need to get a refurbished 2010 computer for about 1000-1800 depending on how much I could raise and save, they beef them up with a lot of ram and stuff.


onto the kickstarter idea. I wouldn’t start it till late june early July. I would like to have the oneshot done before I even start the Kickstarter (or at least far enough along that I know it will be ready before the kickstarter ends so that you would get the comic as soon as the money exchanges hands. I would also make ebooks of some of my other oneshots as additional rewards. Say like for 5$ you get the Zoe. Then for 10$ you can choose one of 4 other oneshots with it. For 20$ could get the 4 plus the Zoe one. I would look into a bunch more rewards all the way down to 1$ and up to about 100$.

So if this sounds like something you’d like to support or if you have any ideas on how to make the kickstarter even more appealing please let me know as I’d need to raise about 1000 to make it work.