This is just a rushed concept of the main girl in May’s oneshot. Like last months Oneshot (which will be colored this month) This oneshot will be centered around incest, though Voyeurism is also a big focus of it.

The basic premise is a guy in mid 20s takes a job at his little sisters highschool as a janitor. He does this because he wants to pull a Porky’s and spy on the girls locker room… While admiring a girls pussy from behind the vent grate he is shocked to find that the girl that is attached to the , in his opinion, the greatest looking pussy ever is… HIS SISTER. His plain jane valedictorian parents favorite little 18 year old sister.

The comic probably won’t end in full sex I don’t like planning this out too rigidly but as it currently is planned there will only be a handjob and some 2nd base stuff… but it could change around a bit depending on what my mood is when it gets to that point.


Thanks to everyone who is a Patreon supporter. If you are and haven’t checked it recently or if you are interested in what bonus’s Patrons get. In April, besides the early look at each Zoe page, a 7 pg bw (first page colored) oneshot about twins. A fan drawing of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn taking control of a machine with both holes… Also a non nude speed drawing.

Planned content for May is coloring the rest of the twins oneshot. Drawing the new Voyeur oneshot (possibly getting it colored but can’t guarantee that will be ready by months end. Also am going to try to do a few more speed drawings as I am trying to quicken my coloring and shading times.