Clearly Putin is behind this…

So When I first posted the poll I noticed some extreme irregularities on the side of Pro Caleb. Caleb was behind by like 50 votes when I woke up in the late morning and then from like noon till 4 saw it jump to Caleb being in the lead. As stated a few times, I do not get many readers during the day, except for Wednesday-Friday I would say I get less than 100 people between 10am and 10pm. This has been the case since the beginning and can be easily followed through analytics. Admittedly the analytics aren’t 100% accurate as it doesn’t track anyone with a ad blocker, but it gives enough of an impression of how many visit and when. Because I advertise on PW in the night when the cost is far cheaper I have gotten a lot of night owls, and the content of my comic also better fits the night.

So the voting results appeared pretty fishy from the get go. So I ended it and changed it to require logging in to Word Press to vote. I noticed voting drop to zero, and had a reader friend of mine investigate. He was unable to create an account and vote. So clearly that wouldn’t work and I again went back to the original vote. I watched it stay even pretty much vote for vote, this I believe to be all genuine as there was no weird jumps by either side. It was clear that it was pretty evenly moving for incest and caleb, sadly my prefered choice the old man was left in the dust with only like 10 votes.

So to hopefully polarize the voting a bit I chose to double down on what the spirit was of each choice. With incest I added Zoe and Her mom in cannon, something I know from a very successful kickstarter 2 years ago is a big hit. For caleb I focused on the S&M side with lots of puking and humiliation to both Zoe and Damien as well.

This poll went right back to being very suspect very early on. I noticed that in the night (when most of my readers visit) Incest had a pretty sound lead but then over the course of the day large boosts for caleb, basically 1 vote incest 10 caleb type jumps every time I came to check on it. This is suspect as before the one time I felt it was true was when the voting was split right down the middle.

So yesterday after the fraud became very apparent I started to troll the cheater a bit. I would turn off capcha and add like 20 votes for Incest, then wait and see how long it took to see caleb regain lead. It was always within an hour. Before I chose to just end it each had racked up about 120 votes. Keep in mind it was in the 30s when I started to mess with it. I probably added 50 to 60 votes in 2 or 3 little tests to Incest to then watch and Caleb would suddenly surge ahead. During the day yesterday about 100 votes were cast for Caleb. I am not saying they were all fraudulent. There clearly is a group that is probably about 45% of my readership that wants that choice, but during the daytime on a monday I get maybe 100 people total… and they are usually spaced out like 5 to 10 an hour. Seeing constant jumps of 10 or 20 votes in short periods is HIGHLY suspect anyday except Thursday.

So last night I chose to end my machinations by taking the voting from like 120 for incest and 123 for Caleb up to like 285 for Incest and left it like that to see how the voting would go when it was clear that incest was getting false votes too (made it as blatant as I can) Over the night voting pretty much stopped and maybe 1 or 2 votes happened for each side.


SO voting is done, I may try a poll in the future but I need to find a better poll creator that can stop cheating. My guess is someone was using one of those VPN things that are always advertised on Torrent sites that hide your IP as this poll limited voting by IP.

What I am going to do is a blending of the 2 as they both clearly have a large group of fans. The Incest will come first and afterwards she will visit Caleb. The Caleb stuff will be greatly toned down though as I am not into the S&M stuff that I doubled down with. Might have a slight gagging like the first time but little to no puking, and the sex will be far less designed to cause pain. There may still be a bit with Damien being forced to watch as it really shows Caleb’s lack of respect for Zoe without showing him going out of his way to hurt her.

I hope this blending will appease the most people and am sorry for the polls getting ruined. I really want fan input and to make you all a part of the process and hope all comment frequently on your thoughts so I can better gauge my audiences wants as well as what they don’t want.

Thanks to everyone who cast a legitimate vote, and even to the cheater/s I admire your devotion to the comic but please in the future if there are choices and it goes a different way than you want just ask for a sketch or non canon drawing for the fans that want the other. If Incest won but it was clear that a large number wanted to see the S&M stuff I would of posted something, hell I am anyways as Thursday I will be posting a drawing of Zoe tied up and paddled by her mom.