These were taken with my phone so apologize for them being a bit dark and out of focus. So for the very last issue of ExpertGamer they included this 2 page section of weird fanart they receive, and right there on the top is one by a 14yo me. It looks really amateur but is still something I am very proud of. It meant a lot to young me to get posted in here, and where more fitting for a future porn comic artist to get featured…

The sections description reads

XG’s Wacked-Out Letter Art

One of the more fun aspects about working at a video game magazine is checking out all the cool letter art that our readers send in. Occasionally, as we’re flipping through the stacks of mail, checking out the latest pieces of Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid or (shudder) Dragonball art, we stumble across something that makes our blood run cold; something that makes us pause for a moment and examine the envelope further. Our stares are not the stares of an appreciative art fan, however; they’re stares of horror. We get some of the most bizarre artwork that anyone has ever seen. As disturbing as this stuff can get, it’s even creepier when it’s drawn by a little kid. We present this art to you as a cautionary warning. Be afraid, folks.

Some may take this negatively, but for me as a kid I took it as an honor. My sense of humor disturbed them, I wonder what they’d think of Zoe? lol.

So it is hard to make out but what my fan drawing is of. Snake from MGS2 is survailing the tanker from the beginning of the game. There is a guard up ahead taking a piss break, and Snake tranqs him mid stream. This causes his passed out body to spray a fountain of piss.

The blurb about my drawing says

You’re in trouble, Snake

It doesn’t really take a whiz to see why we think this piece of letter art is number one. As you can see, Snake is making a big splash with the enemy guard. After dispatching the guard, the pressure is off and Snake can get some relief.