It is only in Black and White for now, but I have a vacation starting on Wednesday so will spend a lot of time that week coloring this as well as starting work on the Zoe 3way comic for Kickstarter.

If you want to see this comic and my other oneshots all you got to do is become a Patron of my comic over at Patreon I try to post a oneshot every month, but have been failing miserably at doing so. I at the very least post a 1 page comic each month. Also as a Patron you get access to the sites VIP section which has about 400 more pages of Zoe that aren’t here including about 50-60 that are focused on her and Damien leading up to what is on this site (I took them off and used the introduction of Caleb as a soft reboot, as well as went to b/w instead of coloring like I used to do).

Also, when posting this oneshot I noticed Patreon added some features, I will now be able to post the oneshots directly to Patreon instead of posting a link where you have to put in a password. So I will also be sprucing up my Patreon site during my vacation and posting all the oneshots fully on there so you can enjoy it all in one place.