So as the collage says, Incest. I’ve always read and heard that to make any dent in the porn webcomic world, you need a niche. The most popular being Furry and Futa, neither of which does anything for me and would be too much like work to be enjoyable to devote my time to. I’ve always had a genre, Teen coming of age stories, but I don’t consider that a niche. I’ve dabbled in incest comics in the past with the one shots Allie and Abe, and You Read My Mind… but now with it becoming a big part of Zoe it just seems to be clicking. I think I found a niche that works for me. It starts mostly out of convenience, Incest is the easiest story element under the sun. You draw 5 pages of 2 people fucking and its just that, some random pictures of varying hotness, but say they are related and suddenly there is story, all that baggage that is associated with it and the taboo of it. So yeah it started out of writing laziness but it works very well for oneshots when you need to add characterization in as few panels as possible so that you can get right into the sex. When characters are siblings your brain fills in the story gaps and it makes the short comic have a bigger impact.

Not EVERYTHING will be incest focused, and Zoe will still go and fuck a bunch of guys and gals, but one thing I am sure of… Eventually there will be an in canon 3 way with Zoe, her mom, and Tommy. So instead of starting work on a Kickstarter comic about that I am just putting that energy to drawing up next months One shot. It will be called Bear Naked and will be about a brother and sister losing their virginity together on a stormy night, and the girl is dressed in bear pajamas (there may be too many puns for the average reader to bear).

Zoe won’t be having a 3 way in the upcoming arc, I just want to stress that right off so people don’t get angry with me like when I teased a 3 way with Audrey back in the day. I have a different idea for what’s coming in the near future and want to draw out this dynamic instead of having it all blow its load right away. The 3 way will probably not happen for at least a year, though I am considering having Zoe have oral sex with her mom first instead of with Audrey (will still happen with Audrey but it is starting to make sense dramatically to have it be with Abi as the Secret Friends story arc won’t work naturally because Zoe is much more uninhibited in this version of the comic).

Let me know your thoughts on this direction, and also if you guys like it please support my comic through Patreon, I am very grateful to everyone who has been supporting me, and the huge influx of new Patrons these past couple weeks. This support is a big part in my decision to focus on Incest. Also if you like my comic spread the word, There isn’t too many avenues to promote adult comics so finding new readers is a challenge and it hasn’t really grown over the past 2 years. I still have roughly 700 fans that regularly frequent. Which is AMAZING don’t get me wrong, but I would love to see it grow in popularity. Over the past 5 years of doing Zoe comics I’ve spent over 2500 hrs of my time drawing and all that work is wasted if people don’t discover the comic.