I have colored the oneshot, but am not happy with it so am adding shading. Originally I was just going to do flats and have a more american cartoon look to the coloring, but it felt to flat and boring so am going back and doing shading. Currently I have 3.5/6 pages shaded but I need to stop and focus on Zoe which was my original plan for today. I hope to have the Zoe lines done tonight or tomorrow and will put it on the VIP section when I have them done. The oneshot should be done this coming Thursday, Friday at the latest. Once Zoe is finished I will go back to devoting my time to this, but I go back to work starting tomorrow 🙁 so I don’t have the time that I had this past week. Coloring would of been done sooner but I think my computer is dying for sure after the lag I have been dealing with. It’s hard to explain but this is a good demonstration for what I’ve been dealing with.