So there is only 1 more day to pledge to my patreon before the pay period starts for October. The money pledged this month is an important piece of what I have to go towards my computer. Currently it is 191 of the 1200 (plus have 400 saved from past months) the rest is coming out of my pocket. I can manage it, while I can front the rest, it isn’t without sacrifice. Pretty much a months pay outside of food and gas is going towards this computer, meaning my bills are going unpaid till next month.

As a Patron you get access to a lot of cool stuff. You get oneshots like my recently finished The Exam as well as future ones like the one I am currently working on called Bear Naked. It is a short story of a sister joining her brother in bed on a stormy night and losing her virginity.

^ This is a sketch of one of the pages. I should start lining it later today and hope to have the lines done in a week or 2. This arc will include incest, bear jammies, a emo looking girl with a decent sized rack and hairy pussy, deflowering, and polinating 😀 It also will contain plenty of corny bear puns.

Besides the oneshots Patrons also have access to my VIP section. There I post sketches of the next Zoe page as well as post them early when I can get them done early (I should have next weeks Zoe done tomorrow or Sunday night and already have the page that comes in 2 weeks sketched which will post soon as the next weeks page is done and posted). Also there is a massive archive of more Zoe.

^ This is a special 1pg comic I did back in 2012. Back then Zoe wasn’t a porn comic, and had almost no fan service. Over the course of 100s of pages it evolved into what it is now. There are about 400 pages and drawings in the VIP section that aren’t available on the site.

I can live without the help, so don’t feel obligated to support the comic, but if you want to help the cause all it takes is 1 or 5 dollars to my Patreon to help out. 1 dollar gets you access to the VIP section, and 5 gets you that as well as the Patreon page and the oneshots.