I am juggling a few projects at the moment but the page WILL post either tonight or early tomorrow morning. I have the lines all done and just have to do shading and shadows. I am considering changing the update day to Fridays in the future so I have more time to work on the pages. I used to be able to get some work done before/after work each day but have been finding it harder and harder to do, I have slept an average of an hour more a day than I did last year and that and work exhausting me has caused me to not start work on Zoe until Wednesday (the first day of my weekend) So Friday would give me 2 full days to focus on drawing instead of rushing and failing again and again to have it posted on time.

Now about the other projects I am working on. I have been really getting into paranormal stuff on youtube and again am looking to make a channel devoted to debunking the fakes and looking into ones I feel are interesting. I am currently putting together the first video titled 5 stupidest paranormal sightings, and am trying to make it humorous. I am also writing a creepy pasta story and will post it here once the final draft is finished.