So I am taking the day off (had jury duty, and am still recovering from the flu) So I want to be productive today so going to be drawing as much as I can today. I wanted to get a feel for where you all want this arc to go. There are 2 possibilities I am debating over. Continuing the flashbacks to introduce Abi’s side of the family (mostly establishing she has a sister a few years older than her) Which would mean a few more pages that delve into Abi losing her virginity as well as possibly a page that flashbacks even further to give some context to the dynamic between sisters and Abi’s losing her virginity to Tommy (an already sketched page in the VIP section where Abi and Tommy are playing in the tub and her sister and Allen barge in to have sex)

OR I can call it good with the flashbacks and focus from here on out solely on Abi getting her anal virginity taken by Tommy. Either way there will be more of this coming in the arc because Tommy has yet to be able to cum in One of the girl’s butts with the Zoe anal being interrupted…

Arc Direction
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