I am having trouble deciding on what B story to do with this arc. I’ve sketched up now 3 different pages, one without a B story, one with Zoe giving her first blowjob to Damien when they were around younger, and one that would work similar to the earlier arc with Zoe losing her virginity to Caleb (like in that arc while Zoe’s sexcapades are going on we would also jump to what Damien and Rose are up to).

The core of the issue is I feel the arc on its own will be a bit to much. Minor plot spoilers but this night isn’t going to be great for Zoe, He is meant to be quite a creep and it will be a wakeup call for Zoe about her spontaneity and lack of restraint. This arc will lead into Zoe focusing her attention back to Damien quite a bit so both B story options including him would help things along.

The flashback would follow them when they were roughly 14 and Zoe getting that first real urge to toss caution to the wind. It would also benefit the story by letting me work in some stuff showing their history and connection because after the numerous culling of pages to tighten up the story almost all interactions between the two of them are gone.

The Damien and Rose B story would show what they are doing at the same time as Zoe’s stuff is going down. Including them having sex eventually. I’m sure this isn’t a surprise to anyone that is a regular reader, but the Damien and Rose relationship is doomed, this would help show that there was something there between them before it starts crumbling apart soon.

So I can’t decide on which way to follow. I feel another flashback so soon would be a little much after the Abi stuff but I also fear there isn’t enough on the pages to show what these characters mean to each other so that what happens in the next few arcs has more weight and their actions make sense. I also feel fleshing out Rose a bit more before ending things could benefit the story as I plan to bring her back way down the line for the story’s eventual ending (and I don’t mean in a fan service 3 way sort of way).