I just got a fraud alert that someone has used my debit card for a 400$ charge, I have no idea if they managed any more purchases before my bank realized it wasn’t me making them. Got my card turned off but I won’t know much till tomorrow when the bank opens up (hate banking hours). So today I am going to be a worrying wreck and probably won’t get too much accomplished as far as drawing. I currently have the next page lined, as well as half the page after that sketched. I have 1 lined page of the one shot I am working on and had planned to line the rest of them today for the Patreon supporters but doubt I will be able to complete that today now. I will do my best to get as much as possible done but anxiety and drawing don’t really mix well. I will still work to make sure it is done before I go back to work on Saturday and will keep you all informed of the progress as well as what happens with my bank and my account. They better reimburse me the amount because I need that money to get by on, I am losing a weeks pay over taking this time off to care for my mother so money was already an issue but now I can’t even use my card.

In better news I have a Zoe joke page I did a few days ago that I recorded the process of drawing it. I will try to put it up on youtube and add it to this post in a bit. I should also get this weeks page up at a much more reasonable time as I will actually be done with it hopefully within a day or 2. Luckily shading is far less stressful for me and actually lets me just zone out as I fill in the areas with tones. So will probably work on finishing that today to find a productive way to take my mind off things.

I’ve never had an issue with my card being stolen before so am not really sure what it all entails. The card has been shut off so no more charges can be put on it but I am not sure how easy it will be to dispute any that they managed to get through, and I am not sure if the 400$ one I was warned about was allowed through or not. I think that was about all I even had on my card to begin with, last week when I put my check in I had a balance of .03 cents so I’ve been cutting it close as it is, now I don’t even know.

Sorry for rambling.