Talked with my bank, all charges were caught by their fraud alert so all I got to deal with is a week without a card. Along with the 400$ charge the text alerted me to the person also tried to use it at 3 separate ATMS all of which were denied. A huge weight has been lifted. I didn’t really accomplish anything this past day and a half on the Zoe page (page is fully lined and about 30% shaded) As far as the one shot I have set that aside and was messing around with another idea. Tentacle stuff. I have about 3 pages sketched and one drawing lined so far but am still organizing it as a story. Basically it is a daughter who wants to garden with her mom, but the mom always says not till she is older. Finally she is old enough to go to the greenhouse with her mom. There she sees a giant potted plant, the mom guys “say hello to your father” turns out the dad is like a pod person and plant based tentacle rapes her getting her pregnant.

In other news I did a Zoe joke, and recorded myself drawing it. I will post both, but recommend speeding up the video in the settings.

^this link might work eventually but it isn’t working now. It also won’t embed into WordPress. So not sure the issue, but current theory is the page isn’t live yet but not certain.