Should be able to get the page up Thursday night but today when I went back to my fully lined page from last weekend I just wasn’t feeling it. The page both in art and content just wasn’t where I was at so tossed it and have a different page.

The original was going to be Kali getting sodomized by one of her brothers while watching Rose and Damien go at it, but with still not having a set age for her I felt it was a bit much. I am leaning more to her being 18 but having failed a grade so a year behind Zoe and Damien (hence the talk of Summer School a page back) but haven’t settled on it and because the joke was that she wasn’t inviting her brother to fuck her instead was fantasizing about Damien it just felt a bit too far, if that makes sense. S0, instead I am jumping back to Zoe and the creepy guy until I figure out what I want to do there. May retool that page down the line once I have things more cemented or might go a completely different route, I try to not set anything in stone when it comes to plot, instead only having story set and even that I leave some wiggle room.

For those confused I generally go by; Plot is the sequence of day to day that we follow within the story, Zoe tasting her mom’s dildo which opens Pandora’s box to her curiosity about sex with her mom for instance. Story is the overarching events, Zoe and Damien have become a bit estranged as Zoe goes on a sex buffet and Damien tries to forget her with a newly met friend.

With Kali I am both trying to figure out how she can fit into the story as well as weaving her into the plot. The new page will be pretty simple but I think it is going to be a good addition, I like to have match action transitions and I think that the planned one that would of came about from Kali getting anal would skip too much. I was going to have next weeks page jump back to Zoe with her getting a large object shoved in her own ass. Instead I am able to skip through most of Kali and her brothers masturbating and only jump back when they get caught in the act so that the story doesn’t go off on a tangent about them as much because I am already focusing on Zoe/creep and Rose/Damien and the original page for this week only featured Rose/Damien in one panel, devoting the rest to Kali getting her brothers dick in her butt.

I should have the lines for the new page up late tonight on my VIP section and already have the lines to the abandoned page up there. Tomorrow I have to go out of town for most the day but think I can get the shadows and all done that night and post late that night.