This page is coming along (about halfway through the lining at the moment) and the page should be done sometime Friday afternoon (going out of town at 4 so planning to have it up before that time Eastern).

This page will end this arc, with the first page of the next arc being the actual “rescue”. I know this arc has been divisive and I thank you all for sticking it out. The next arc will be a new start of sorts and be slowly bringing Zoe and Damien back together and eventually the tone will lighten a great deal. I don’t want to give away where things will be going over the next set of arcs here but I think you all will enjoy it. If you don’t care about spoilers I added it on the bottom of the post for those interested but please don’t comment on it so that those that don’t want to know aren’t spoiled like any walking dead fan that has ever gone on Yahoo before catching the newest episode.

In Patreon news, I am planning on finishing a oneshot over the next few days (hoping to finish it by Sunday but might be next Wednesday at the latest). I am still also working in my spare time on the gardening oneshot but that one is farther off. I want to make sure to consistently deliver from here out so am jumping from big to small projects so that there is at least something each month for you guys to enjoy.

Here is a little peak at the oneshot I am working on, it will be 3 pages long and this is the first half page.

If people have subjects or niches they would like to see done as little one shots feel free to let me know, I am trying to get all the major niches, last month being futa, and now interracial. I’ve been trying to come up with something furry as well because looking at porn trends and hentai subgenres I know futa and furry are the 2 most popular (though I admit neither does anything for me). Zoe has teen and incest up the ass (literally) but there are a lot more niches that I can create things for you guys.

So again I thank you all for supporting my comic, both those of you who visit and offer up your time as well as those of you on Patreon that take it a step farther and help me out financially. I am hoping to grow these comics a great deal in the future (still waiting on that PS4 game DREAMS) but for now I hope you like where I am going with Zoe.

Spoilers ahead so only read if you want to know a bit about where Zoe will be going.

last warning.


So Zoe will be getting pregnant from this night. There will be a long period of her not knowing who the father is (the mormon, Tommy, the creep, or Damien). Abi will also be getting pregnant but at least its only 50/50 for her. There will be some rough seas ahead with her and Damien but he will choose to be with her even if he isn’t the father.