This is where I left off with the newest page. I am not too happy with how it is coming along and will abandon it and start from scratch. I am hard at work on a placeholder and because I just did this 2 weeks ago too I thought better make something a bit more in depth, SOOO. There is going to be a whole placeholder arc while I get the next arc around. It will be called from conception to intercourse, and it will show Zoe and Abi’s life together. This first page (should be up late tonight or tomorrow night) Is about Abi getting pregnant with Zoe. Then the page next week will be Abi throughout her pregnancy and then giving birth. Then there will be some breastfeeding and other stuff, basically going to expand on some abandoned drawings from before (particularly a drawing where I had a similar concept and showed Abi popping Zoe out then breastfeeding Zoe then playing in the tub with her and ending with teaching Zoe how to shave her… ahem …legs) the arc will be like 6 or so pages and will end with a page of Zoe and Abi having sex.