EA is consistently the worse presenters (the worst company too) each year and they set a new standard in god awfulness.

The show was so dry and boring. I like to watch the Videogame Awesome guys lets play these less interesting shows, and it was so boring even they spent a few minutes playing with a pencil rather than listen to the sheer void of entertainment that was going onstage.

So I will start with the good, what little there was of it.

Unravel 2

Looks more like a DLC of the first game with added co-op gameplay and really gave me a Little Big Planet vibe. Never played the first one as those indy Limbo rip off games don’t really interest me, but it was pretty.

Sea of Solitude (SOS)

I give them points for not being a Sea of Thieves ripoff as my first reaction to the name prepared me for. It actually looked quite interesting, It looked a little rough around the edges but reminded me a lot of the indy stuff we see out of Sony’s Japan studio (Journey etc). These games I seldom play unless they are free with PS+ but for those that want something that looks like it will be a walking sim about depression and isolation I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

an honorable mention goes to less time wasted on sports stuff.

Now on to the bad, which was pretty much everything.

Battlefront and Battlefield by DICE

I never got into the Call of Duty’s and Battlefield games, I’m a single player story type gamer and the only time I really enjoyed those games was the campaign in the first Modern Warfare game (the sniping stuff especially). I Don’t really care that the new Battlefield game is trying to shoehorn the “inclusion” movement into world war 2 that many have been rioting about, I would just prefer these games stop coming out so regularly because as someone who doesn’t care about the genre the sheer number of games between EA and Activision just meld into a bland stew of pew pew pew. Also I hate Battlefront, I loved the first 2 back on the PS2 but these are nothing like that, the closest I’ve come to those games in the years since was the Warhawk game on Ps3 and would of rather Disney give the remnants of that company the Battlefront license.

Stupid cringe etc

The host was terrible. She was unnatural and not very interesting. If you want a cringy girl to come up just get the girl who does the Ubisoft conferences because at least she exudes a true love for games. This girl just felt as fake as the heads of EA (they somehow always find the douchiest executives that make Xbox’s Phil Spencer seem as lovable as Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida.

Speaking of Douches. That kid they got up there from Esports, is it a requirement to be a douche to win at Esports? Or is it like a skill achieved leveling up in an RPG, +10HP +5MP +100Douche?

Then the biggest fail is when the Modern Warfare guy announced his new Star Wars game. Star Wars games has been the only thing getting me excited for EA for 3 years now, and for the 3rd year in a row they’ve teased NOTHING. They cancelled what could of been one of the best games ever when they fired Amy Henig and closed the Dead Space studio that were making a Star Wars game in the style of the Uncharted series. Now this game is built of the burnt dreams of that trying to shoehorn in “services”.

SPEAKING OF SERVICES. Uh oh Microsoft, EA is going to beat you to creating the first CLOUD BASED CONSOLE SERVICE. I predict within 10 years the only way you will be able to experience EA games like Madden or Battlefield is by subscribing to their service, they will effectively be joining the first party landscape and be in competition with Sony and Microsoft rather than one of their closest 3rd party affiliates.


So they end the show with anthem and I have 0 faith in this game. They stood on stage talking about it in broad generalizations while showing mostly concept art. They showed a generic little mission that looked just like Destiny and as I said I like single player stories so Destiny did absolutely nothing for me. The game is releasing in 7 months (same day Sony is releasing Days Gone) yet the way they are showing off the game implies it is still in its infancy. I really suspect this will be another case of a game that only has about 1/10 a games content at launch releasing and then trying to done it out in “updates” instead of giving the game time to coalesce into a complete product. I expect it to have its fans but I think it will underperform and might lead to a massive reduction in Bioware’s manpower as EA lays off staff and closes down some of their studios. They’ve got a lot to prove with this game after the failure that was Mass Effect Andromeda, and I don’t see it working out for them.

The expectations were low going into the conference but somehow EA still managed to disappoint. The good news is tomorrow has Microsoft, Bethesda, and Devolver Digital.

I’m not a fan of the Xbox and really don’t see them staying in the game after one more failed console, eventually becoming just a service (same as EA) but they always manage to keep it interesting on stage. I enjoy their shows and expect some big 3rd party games there to get excited for such as Cyberpunk 2077 (or whatever year it is) and Metro Exodus and there are a lot of rumors of some pretty big games coming from them including a new Perfect Dark, a new Fable, a new Duke Nukem, and the standard games of a Hal0, a Forza, and 3 separate Gears of War games.

Bethesda is the one I get the most hyped for outside of Sony. As stated I love single player stories and no company outside of Sony’s first party delivers more. There has already been teases for Rage 2 and Fallout 76 but there is still the elusive Starfield game that has been rumored to be a bridge between fallout and Elder scrolls that links the worlds of those games into a single timeline. Whether that rumor ends up being real or fake the idea of a space trekking game like those 2 series is something I am very interested in seeing. I don’t play many games (most of my free time is spent drawing this comic for you guys) so I haven’t had a chance to play much else by Bethesda, even though really want to play the Wolfenstein games and Dishonored 2 but even though I haven’t played their other series I am still pumped to see what else they show off.

Last for tomorrow is Devolver. I have no interest in their games, as said little indy games only get my time if they are free as I just don’t have the time or money to invest in risky things that might not be up my alley. The SHOW though is something I really am interested in seeing. Last year they came out of left field with a crazy show involving severed arms and pure insanity. I expect them to try hard to top the viral hit they had with last years conference.

I will try to write a review of tomorrow’s shows as well as try to finish up next weeks Zoe page (have it about 85% lined) I should have some early looks to post on the VIP section tonight for the next 2 Zoe pages as I keep adding more stuff to them.