I will add to this as the other conferences air, there are 3 shows today. Microsoft, Bethesda, and Devolver.


I will preface this with I HATE MICROSOFT. With that said I really liked their show. They usually put on a pretty good show (xbox 1 reveal aside) but this I think stands as their best to date. There was no bringing a car on stage and they greatly toned down the “EXCLUSIVE!” cringe.

There was a ton of games shown and I’m sure I’ve already forgot half of them but I will start with the stuff I remember but don’t care about in the slightest.


Didn’t show much about the game, really it was just a tease saying we like your money so we are going to keep making more of these games so we can take it from you.

Forza Horizon 4

Racing games do nothing for me, but I know there is a large fanbase that cums every time an expensive engine revs.

GEARS POP(mobile)

O god do I hate funko pops. They are the ugliest and blandest figurines known to man and soon that bubble will burst and they will be in the same boat as beaney babies. Now funko wants to be like Lego and is doing a Gears game with funko super deformed characters. I find it funny that they are going the same route MegaBlocks did to compete with Lego, get a violent Microsoft license to sell it (megablocks seems to only exist now to sell sets of Halo and COD lego sets).

Gears Tactics (mobile?)

This one I guess is trying to be kid of like xcom, I love xcom (am currently playing xcom 2 through ps+ as this months free game). But I don’t think this game will be anything more than a quick licensed cash grab.


I don’t like gears, I’ve only played the first one. It was one of the only games I played during the 4 month period I was a 360 gamer until my red ring of death. It looked like every other Gear game that came before. So fans will love it but it does nothing to entice new players to join it.

Crackdown 3

Every time I see this game it looks worse and worse. I’m not sure if it was just my internet dropped to 240p or something during the trailer but it looked like a massive downgrade and looks like something that should easily play on the 360.


I used to love Kingdom hearts, USED to. It has been like 15-20 years and it looks the same. Looks the same, but sounds worse. The trailer was missing sound effects to humorous effect and my god is Sora’s voice actor terrible. I understand you can’t use the sixth sense kid anymore because he is nearing middle aged (aren’t we all 🙁 ) but they could of at least got someone of a caliber better than those voiceactors from the Dynasty Warriors series…


Cyberpunk 2077

It looks so cool. There still is no gameplay but my hope is it will be similar to Witcher but with a future Bladerunner aesthetic (similar to Fallout was to Elders Scrolls).


I have fond memories of Battletoads on the NES. The difficulty didn’t bother me because I never played it long enough to get frustrated. As a kid the idea of “finishing” games was foreign to me. I would kill 10 or 20 minutes of boredom by tossing in a game. So for most games I played the first stage or 2 a million times but never progressed further. There wasn’t saving games back then so when I was done I just turned it off. I don’t think I ever FINISHED a game until the PS1 generation (MGS). I played a lot of Battletoads first bits and greatly enjoyed the exaggerated attacks like your fist turning into a big hammer. I will never own an XBOX system again most likely so won’t ever experience this new one but it is nice to see it live on.


Man I have been missing skateboarding games. I really wish somehow a game like Tony Hawk Underground 1 would come out but this looks like something that can at least satisfy that itch. No gameplay was shown so I don’t know how arcady it will be but I am hoping for something closer to Tony Hawk rather than Skate (the 2 joystick controls has always been a problem for me, I can’t grasp the concept and it just is frustrating. I want a game to feel like I am a super hero, not to have a learning curve on par with actually skateboarding).

Metro Exodus

I have half beat the first 2 and own the remasters on PS4 but haven’t gotten around to restarting either game, they are games I really want to finish someday though. I love the style and the genre but I just don’t have much free time so that is a series that has slipped by me.

FOX GAME (not title)

I am not looking up what was shown so the name to this game is just out of reach, I will try to edit it later when I add the other conferences.

I loved the look of this game, It kinda felt like an isometric Zelda game with adorable visuals. The Fox character was so cute.

There were a number of other games shown, many just sorted of melded into a middle ground of EH. There was a few That I recognize as huge but I just have no opinions on. The biggest being that Shonen Jump game with Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Onepiece characters brawling against each other.

Lastly, some stuff about xbox as a company.

There is a new xbox system coming… at some point. They basically just closed out their show saying they are hard at work on the successor to the xbox 1, but didn’t give it a name or any details.

Microsoft bought out a number of game studios, 5 in total. 3 I don’t care about, they were already making games exclusively for xbox (the Forza horizon team, the state of decay team, and the we happy few team). 1 I am happy about, they are starting a new studio from scratch to make a big new IP (its based in Santa Monica so it probably stole a few people from Sony but people cycle through studios all the time). 1 I am not to happy about. Ninja Theory is now owned by Microsoft. I am not a big fan of their games outright, but for the most part they were making games exclusively for Sony (heavenly sword, Enslaved, and most recently Hellblade). I don’t like the idea of buying up things just to keep them away from your competitor (same goes for Sony with Street Fighter 5 or Microsoft with Tomb Raider 2).

Overall its a positive move by Microsoft to invest into xbox because they have been really half assing it for about a decade (since around the time Kinect came out). So seeing them invest in new studios and expand those they already have so that multiple games can be worked on is good for gaming. I don’t think they will stick with traditional gaming for more than 1 more generation. I think they will be transitioning over the next 5 years into a full service model that will probably someday even be on Playstation and Nintendo systems.

Overall this is probably the best conference Microsoft has ever done, and I hope to see that continue on into the future. Sony will still blow them away. They could go on stage and just show 30 minutes of Spiderman followed by 30 minutes of Death Stranding and would still win. Nothing Microsoft shown can compare to Dreams, To Spiderman, To The Last of Us, to Death Stranding. Sony is where it is because it started doing what Microsoft has finally realized this year TWENTY YEARS AGO.



Man this is going to go down as one of the best conferences ever. It was funny, it rocked (Andrew WK did a live song from Rage 2 and it was the second time in the history of e3 that a musical number didn’t suck (the first being Maynard from Tool singing Bohemian Rhapsody). Then there was a lot of games


Didn’t play rage nor did I play Mad Max, they both didn’t quite appeal to me but combining them seems to really work. The game looks like a lot of fun and I am very interested in playing it.

Prey DLC

I haven’t played Prey (its another game I have been meaning to try because it had a Bioshock vibe). Now it has 2 new modes, 1 is a procedurally generated space station that seems to be a survival mode to see how long you can last. The other is a online mode that sounds similar to that Evolve game but in reverse (1 human and the rest are monsters trying to kill you).


Wolfenstein 3

This is a game that I really really want to find the time to play, it looks like so much fun. The newest entry in the series looks just as much fun as the first 2.


Fallout 76

It is an always online game, I still am processing that and not happy. I don’t play online games, prefer solo experiences. It looked good and the world looked like a ton of fun to explore but I am not sure if it will be something up my alley. I will follow it closely in the coming months.

Elder Scrolls Blades

This is a mobile game that really looks like it is a GAME, not some stupid shodelware like 99% of the stuff on phones. I am not a huge Elder Scroll fan but I did enjoy Oblivion and Skyrim (didn’t finish either but put about 30 to 40 hours into both games). It looked like something worth playing while taking a shit more than my go to game of Euchre.


I was on the edge of my seat for this one and was disappointed because all it was was a tease that the game exists. Interestingly referred to as a “next gen” game. Which implies it will be an early game for the PS5 and X2(or whatever Microsoft calls it).


This too was just a tease that it is being made, not even teasing the location.

Now. The true highlight of E3