I’ve delayed reviewing Sony’s E3 because I was left so angry I didn’t think I could be objective enough to judge them fairly. First off, NO DREAMS RELEASE DATE and it probably isn’t coming this year. The whole year I have been waiting for a Dreams release and I was really convinced we’d see it release late summer due to all the ramped up info these past couple months about it. The fact that they teased Dreams repeatedly through the conference and then just ended without a payoff (there are rumors that due to backlash about the format they were scrambling to change things as the show was underway and it ended so abruptly because of that).

So review time.


The Last of Us 2

This game looks astounding. The graphics, the story, the gameplay all look top notch and I’d say there will probably not be a single game to outdo it this generation on any platform (red dead 2 being the only possible contender).

Ghosts of Tsushima

It also looks amazing, I still contend I think this is next gen or at least what is being shown is from what they intend to be the ps5 version of it. The field of flowers blowing in the wind far into the distance, and the draw distance in general seem beyond what any game has done and beyond what I think the system is even capable of. The leaves blowing during the sword fight also seemed a bit beyond what is possible on base ps4 hardware. I think the game will be cross platform and launch about the same time the PS5 comes. This would be a no brainer as the game is likely at least 18 months from launch and many predict that is exactly the same time the PS5 will come. It would definitely help move consoles the same way Zelda did for the switch.

Death Stranding

I am so frustrated to learn that this game is nothing more than a walking sim. Not to knock the genre, but walking sims are boring to me. There is no combat and it looks like a scifi package delivery simulator. It LOOKS great, but the gameplay we saw left me with massive doubts whether this will be the game people want from Kojima. We already have Quantic Dreams for strictly cinematic games. Metal gear was the first game I can remember completing as a kid and have always loved both that series and ZOE (lol) but this doesn’t seem up my alley at all.


This game looks so good. I didn’t really care for the Arkham series as I’ve never been too interested in Batman or DC characters in general, but Spiderman is different. I’ve never been a comic reader(shocking I know) but have loved the cartoons and movies and games of Spiderman (Spiderman 2 on ps2 was awesome back in the day).

Resident Evil 2

Looks really good. I’ve never been a big fan of the horror genre, I get to involved in the story and world and get freaked out by things as simple as a soldier showing up in a shooter let alone dealing with things actually designed to scare. The only ones I’ve beaten were 5 and 6 and that was only because a friend wanted to co-op them and that gave a bit of a buffer to keep me from getting to involved. If you liked the old ones this will definitely be something to satisfy.

Trevor saves the world

Doesn’t look like anything I’ll ever play but it was sure funny. It is being made by the creator of Rick and Morty (My 3rd most favorite cartoon after Futurama and Bojack).


It is basically what Quantic Break would of been if Microsoft didn’t shoehorn in a tv show back when they were trying to make tv a priority of the xbox 1. Looked good but a little generic even with the matrix level weirdness.

Now on to why they completely failed and lost E3. Looking at what has been shown winning seems a sure thing, but the show was so atrocious to completely sour the experience.

First the show started with an annoying musical number, and the sound was really muffled. It started in a little church tent, which seemed a strange choice until TLOU2 trailer started (in the same tent).

Where it really derailed was after that trailer ended it cut to an “intermission” that lasted 20 minutes and was basically a preshow tossed in the middle of an E3 conference. I hate the preshow and how they hire Sony employees to act like unbiased journalists interviewing Sony. It has bothered me every year they did it but I could always just ignore it, but not when it segmented the show. During this time they showed off a couple little games like a Tetris VR game and gave everyone free access to COD BO3 (which is nice I guess) then just as they were finally wrapping up and going back to the main show the Twitch feed stopped. To my knowledge the Sony Twitch never recovered. It took me about 10 minutes to get it back through Youtube and had to watch the remainder 10 minutes behind (which caused the end to glitch out and have audio roughly 5 minutes out of sync with what the video was at as it went back to live while the video remained behind).

So when the show finally left the intermission we were subjected to another musical number, some guy playing a flute for 5 minutes. Then Ghost of Tsushima led into the main bulk of the show. The content itself was really good but the execution was so bad that it ruined the whole thing for me. That and the constant teases for dreams. After each major trailer they cut to a little snippet of a musician in dreams messing around with an instrument. I was super excited as this is the game I’ve been waiting for forever and hope to use to completely change my life by allowing me to draw comics better as well as making animations and maybe even little games if I can find some people that have more of a musical and programming eye. Well it was all just a cock tease. Nothing came of it. I hear that after it ended the people there got a live music show done in dreams but that wasn’t shown to us, instead we were subjected to more of the fake interviews with the various teams just jerking them off.

I hate to say this, but Microsoft beat Sony this year. I’d Give Sony a 5 (a 7 if not for the technical problems because even though the games they showed were good NONE had release dates and little was actually new). Microsoft I’d give an 8.5, even though most of what they showed is Multiplatform it was still an excellent show that kept me interested the whole way through.