After waking today to nothing but angry comments I decided to just move on to the next arc and stop with the Conception to Intercourse arc. As just a placeholder it was never really intended to be canon and was just meant to be fan service, but as the response turned to fan outrage I decided to just say fuck it and move on. For those who wanted to see the arc conclude (the majority of those who voted) I apologize for ending it premie but I hope the new arc will be good enough to make it up to you all.

I can understand the complaints with the arc and thought it better to just move on. That wasn’t what I really wanted the comic to turn into anyways was just trying to make a good page for you guys while I figured my shit out a bit. I was really depressed about Dreams not coming as I wanted to move on to bigger things that are still on hold now.

So back onto the main story this arc will have Zoe and Damien get back together briefly then will lead into the next chapter of their stories, a period of rebuilding all that Zoe brought crashing down with her  sexual appetite. There will be incest down the line with her mom and uncle but that will be quite a while down the line.


I thank all of you that have voiced your support. It wasn’t fun waking up yesterday morning and finding the page I worked many hours on for you guys, that I made especially as a treat for you all was received so poorly. I probably should of waited for a bit and not reacted right away. I don’t get a lot of feedback and am generally shooting in the dark drawing this comic on what you all want week to week. I will try to find some time before next weekend to do something special for those that wanted to see that continue. I already had a page sketched of Abi and her dad having sex, so will see about finding a little spare time to finish it. It will be noncanon for those that are complaining and won’t replace the normal post for the week, instead will just be a bonus for those of you who want it.

and because it was requested I quickly did this up too.