So based on the responses it seems like you guys are interested in a return for ILMB. I am not going to say 100% that it will happen but I am going to see if I can manage to do it and Zoe both. Zoe takes priority but creatively I am excited to take another stab at ILMB. I will decide fully in about 2 months. Till then I am going to try to get a buffer of pages done before they post (though I will post them as they finish for my Patrons). I currently have the first page done and have up to page 4 sketched and have up to about 10 of so pages thought up.

With a second chance to start this comic I want to develop them a bit before they kiss. I never really went into Jordan and her dad the first time through and how he is homophobic but Jordan idolizes him so her becoming lesbian becomes an issue and always planned for her to come out of the closet to her dad mere seconds before the world ends in a giant mushroom cloud. I also want to focus a bit on Jordan’s athletics and how she is barely keeping her grades above failing, and only at this premiere college prep school due to her being pretty much the best at any sport she tries (I picture her using a baseball bat to beat down some creepy biker gangs once the shit hits the fan)

So back on topic. I will be working on these pages on the side, but I will also still be working on the one shot for the Patreon people and I apologize for the lack of new content, I am still working on the gameshow one shot and have 4 pages done and will try to get at least 1 more done before the next weekend. I also still have my short bunny girls one shot I’ve been working on and have 1/2 of the first of 2 pages done of that one and will try to find time for that. I have been finding it hard to get motivated about drawing porn so things have been stalling a bit, I’m hoping ILMB will invigorate me and get me excited about drawing again (and so far I am having a blast with it).

So ILMB is going to be in color so I can’t fudge things the way I did in black and white with drawing Jordan without nipples to work around actual nudity. Sooo the comic is going to be chock full of nudity, but still nothing hardcore. So far from what I’ve sketched there will be full frontal of both girls within the first 5 pages and this first arc is focused on Bailey being embarrassed by Jordan pantsing her in public. So those that are here for fanservice don’t fret ILMB will have quite a lot of fan service.