So I just want to talk about some of the changes I am considering and am hoping for some feedback from you all. I want to revamp the sites look as well as the VIP section and Patreon pages. This will take quite a while to do (at least a month) and if anyone has any suggestions how to make the site look better or more easy to navigate (the home page is going to be fixed because that has been a dead page for like 3 years and I’ve procrastinated far to long on making it useful).

I am also going to try to get more Patreon content up soon (have like 4 different things I am working on a few of which are pretty close to ready). Along with that I was thinking of making an area (maybe on the homepage) where people who would like to support the site but aren’t interested in doing it on a monthly basis through Patreon could buy PDF’s of some of my one shots. I’ve seen a lot of comics in the past try something similar. I just am starting to see about actually trying to make a little money off the site because every day job security where I work seems less and less a sure thing and has been stressing me out. Not expecting to make a living off this but I’d like to see it making a couple hundred a month by January.

I know I need to get my updates in order before I can expect much, as right now I’m doing a poor job in that department. I am also considering doing some non canon Zoe one shots after a comment from a reader. He suggested a 3way between Zoe, Abi, and Audrey which would be a fun patreon and one shot bonus that just wouldn’t work as canon. I’d also like a Zoe DP comic because I doubt that will ever happen in canon either.

One last thing I am considering changing. thinking of trying out polling you all for direction where each page should go. Would that be something you guys would like? a little more say in the story from page to page? Like for this next page I could either go with Zoe agreeing to the vaginal stimulation or she could turn around and make use of those fangs for their intended purpose… So as a tryout I am going to sketch up both and put a poll up with which one to finish and make canon. The sketches will probably be pretty rough so I can get them both done today. So be sure to come back tomorrow or Sunday and vote on which you prefer and I will go with the side that has the most votes by the end of Monday.