I want to better understand my audience and what you all want. I have a very small vocal group of maybe 25 people that comment, but I have over 1000 readers of this comic. I understand if you’re shy, but the more I know about what you guys want to see the better I can do at giving it to you… SOOOOOOO

Special for the next few days. Email me with what you like, don’t like about the comic. What you want to see. If I get an email from you I will do my best to sketch for you whatever it is you want to see and might be able to work it into the comic down the line. So basically think of this as free commissions (though quick sketchy ones) of whatever you’d like to see Zoe, Abi whatever doing etc.

You can email me at yellowgerbilcomics at gmail dot com (separated it to keep out spam bots but if you take the time to inform me on what you want I’ll take the time to try to deliver it to you).