I have been contacted by Patreon about the content I post for you guys there and sadly I will be left with no option other than closing it down. I may get it back up down the line but probably not.

this is the email I received.

Hey Patreon,

I’m on the Trust & Safety team here at Patreon. I’m writing to inform you that your page needs to be updated in accordance with our Community Guidelines.

Per our guidelines, we have zero tolerance for the glorification of sexual violence, and this includes depictions of sexualized minors, non-consensual sex, incest, and bestiality. This extends to any shota or loli content, since this type of content exclusively references characters who are minors.

Content glorifying sexual violence cannot be funded by or linked to or from your creator page in any way.

Please remove this type content from your page and let me know when you have done so — if you have any questions during this process, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m happy to help.

As you are all aware, a lot of my content is incest. And with the broad definition of sexual violence that also could cover a bit of my content. I don’t see a point in keeping it going if I have to remove over half of all the content, and they specifically state “link to it” ┬ámeaning I couldn’t just make a page like the VIP section for it off of patreon either.

I may look into that coffee thing some readers mentioned in the near future as well as will implement my idea of offering one shots as pdfs to buy for a couple dollars, just been not sure how to go about doing that…

I want to thank all of you who have donated to my patreon over the years. I am trying to refund you guys for this month but am running into issues doing so (refunded a few of you and then Patreon started giving me an error saying I have exhausted my balance or something like that) so if you are a current patreon and want a refund just send me a message with your PayPal so I can just send you the 1 or 5 dollars on PayPal directly). I will also be moving all the one shots to a location on my site and giving my active Patrons access to it so they can enjoy the one shots down the line.

Sorry for not updating much lately, had many in the works but just couldn’t get any finished. I will still work towards finishing the gardening one and the birthday one and the gameshow one (all 3 of which are pretty close to done).

Thanks again for your support.