So I thought I would update any interested in news of my future plans for one shots. I have just finished lining a 10pg one shot comic, and have the first page in a new one lined as well.

I am considering doing it as a Kickstarter or something similar instead of trying to sell it directly on the site, and with that I am going to greatly expand on it. I am thinking of doing it like a big graphic novel of incest one shots (like 40-50 pages if can manage that). I originally started this second one because I wasn’t sure how interested you guys would be in the first one shot because it is mostly focused on a guy having sex with his fat mom and I know that might alienate it from mass appeal. So the second one was a dad and daughter to get both sides of parent fucking.  Not sure how many pages this second one will be but will try to make it about 10 as well. Then will see about doing a few more one shots to fit into the incest theme. Once I get far enough along I will go back and color all of it as well.

Here is a quick look at a page of the 2 one shots I am working on.

This first one is about a guy who has a sex dream of his sister fucking him for his birthday. Then is woken by his mom and sister (who is disgusted to find him there with a case of morning wood). The mom sends the sister off to school and fucks the son. There is about 3 pages of fantasizing about his sister at the beginning and about 6 of fucking his mom, I may add one more page to be a big splash page in the middle and will do a cover but besides that it is all lined.

This one I am still early on with, but the story is going to be about a daughter who is distraught over her shaving mishap and not having any hot water to finish shaving. I am thinking she will ask her dad to use wax on her to get it all off because she is afraid of doing it herself because she’s a chicken… then they’ll have sex. I think I will leave most of it there because I think it looks cute like that so probably after just a bit is waxed off she gives up on that idea and asks him to kiss the boo boo…

Let me know what sort of fun stories you guys would like to see and whether you would be interested in a collection. I don’t think there would be a way to have a physical print of this because of its content and don’t think any printing company around here would take on the job, so it will just be a digital comic most likely but might offer some other rewards if I go the Kickstarter route (like all my old one shots included or something).