When Dreams comes out one of the things I am hoping to be able to do is reboot Zoe in 3D. I am not 100% that this will be possible because nothing shown of dreams has shown realistic human characters so am not sure if making a character that looks better than a rag doll is even a possibility, but if it is and if I have the skills to do so I want to reboot Zoe in 3d. I would love to be able to do it on the quality of something like the many Overwatch sfm porn animations, but again this is all just wishful thinking at this point.

 < something like this ideally


If I am able to do what I am hoping with Dreams what would you guys like a rebooted Zoe to be? I have a few vocal readers that comment but for the most part 99% of you are completely silent and I just have to guess on whether you like or dislike a story or character development.

There are some big questions that I’d love feedback on like should a reboot continue with the Incest or leave it out (incest was never in any of the previous versions of the comic)

One thing I know I’ll do if I reboot the comic is I’ll redo all the purged stories that took place before what is page 1 on this site (all the stuff with Zoe and Damien and her pregnancy scare) I felt the art was pretty weak on those pages and felt that I didn’t best get across Zoe’s views on sex which caused a lot of headaches with angry readers that didn’t like that Zoe still considered herself a virgin, so would like to try to portray that a bit more clearly on my next go at the story.

That is a big part of why I’d like to reboot the comic, a lot of the story has been lost and I feel like Zoe and Damien’s history hasn’t been well established on what is currently available to justify Zoe’s attempts at dating him. about 10 arcs of them being a bit more than friends but not dating are missing and without them it feels like Zoe is obsessing over getting back together with him without much reason. That is solely on me as a writer but I look at Dreams as a way to fix a lot of things with this comic.

So what are some things you’d like fixed? Things that you’d like focused more on? Different path you think the story should of went instead of the road it is currently on?