Which comic would you like to see posted on Christmas?

Which Oneshot do you want for christmas?
  • 22.36% - ( 36 votes )
  • 2.48% - ( 4 votes )
  • 4.97% - ( 8 votes )
  • 28.57% - ( 46 votes )
  • 36.02% - ( 58 votes )
  • 5.59% - ( 9 votes )

I have a lot of story ideas tossing around in my head (no guarantee that they will all be made eventually as the story is fluid). So whichever you vote on I will do a quick preview version of. Probably won’t be in the quality of my normal work as it is going to be a rush job and probably more than 1 page long. Whichever has the most votes by this Friday will be the one I do a quick arc of for Christmas week (that Thursday so 2 days past christmas)


So with 30% of the Zoe the winner is Zoe has a 3way with Abi and Tommy. I am going to try to do this right for you guys with a lot of pages of them fucking as well as put things in perspective by showing Zoe catching Abi and Tommy when she was younger and Abi catching Zoe and Tommy back in like arc 7 or something. I’m gunna try for 2 pages for each flashback to set things up and then show them roughly around this time in cannon (about 2 months later at Christmas) With Abi inviting Zoe into their bed for a big family Christmas.

Here is a look at the first page which I’ve been working on this morning once it was pretty certain that this was going to be the winning arc.