Hope you all have a great time over the holidays. The poll is over and the winner is ALL WET. It really made a cum back after I was sure the winner was going to be YOU READ MY MIND. Because of so many votes between the 2 (they got about 75% of the votes between the 2) I decided to post both comics for you all to enjoy.

I am working on the Zoe 3way comic and should have it up Thursday and will probably post it here as a post instead of a comic so as to not break the flow of story and confuse future readers with time jumps back and forth. Then next week I will post the next Audrey page in the comic section.

I hope to see you all in the new year and hopefully I will be able to really grow this place for you all when Dreams finally comes out. I was hoping that I would have it by the time Valentines came so I could do something in dreams for my VDSD but not sure if that will be a possibility. If the beta doesn’t have a NDA like the current closed one I might be able to make something in dreams (hoping I could use Dreams to make little Zoe gifs) If not I will at least make a hand drawn gif but won’t be nearly as ambitious as what it could be in Dreams. I am also still slowly working on the 2 one shots that I will make available through some digital means (not sure what will work because so many places are against porn) but it probably won’t be ready for quite a while (at least Feb, but possibly later as coloring is VERY time consuming and I have like 20 pages to color and a few still to line).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. You can find links to the one shots on my homepage (about time I use it for SOMETHING) yellowgerbilcomics.com