Had to call in sick today due to weather. Might get 10-12in by the end of the night and don’t want to have to drive home through that… SO using today to get some drawing done. I have 6pgs lined of the VDSD comic as well as the final page sketched. I also went and colored this panel so far to test out what colors to use and the style. Not sure if I will have enough time to get the whole thing colored like this when it is just over 2 weeks away, but I’ll try.

The comic will take place after Damien impregnates Zoe and they are celebrating Valentine’s together. Zoe would only be like 3-4months pregnant at that time but If you’re gunna do a preggo sex story might as well go all out with the big ol’ belly.

Currently the best sex Zoe has had is with Mr. Ruther’s, Zoe want’s Damien to top him. And spoilers he does :D. This arc will have a number of panels towards the end with Zoe squirting, so hope you guys are ok with that. Same philosophy as with the belly, if you’re gunna do something, go ALL in. So it isn’t gunna be a little loss of control, it will be a full flow.