Seconds ago Playstation announced that they will be releasing an early access for dreams “THIS SPRING” (wish there was a firm date but I read spring as between the end of march and early may, sooner the better). This, to my knowledge, is the first time there has ever been an early access game on playstation. I get it though, this is more than a game and a lot of bugs need to be ironed out, as well as got to build the online for it because seems like the amount of content being uploaded would quickly pass past the terabyte level into whatever comes after terabytes…

Seems like it will allow anyone to join the early access so I DEFINITELY will. It costs 30$ (I’m guessing some of that will go towards the finished game, but Sony might double dip as I think this is a niche game that won’t sell well to the general game crowd).

I am so excited. It wasn’t that much past when I started doing webcomics that they first showed off Dreams (then just a tech demo of marionettes, but even then I saw the potential it had for improving my comics and for getting my DREAMS off the ground (so I think the name is really fitting).

SOOOOO on to some of my plans.

I will be starting a crowdfunding in the next month or so (not ready yet) to go towards stuff I need for Dreams. I don’t trust Uploading porn to Sony and to Youtube (which in game is the only way to get your stuff exported). So I want to get a cheap laptop and one of those capture cards that people record their gaming on and that way I can bypass all of that. I am afraid that if I use the in game method they’ll have moderation at some point and I could find myself banned. I think the game will be digital only and online only, so if I get banned they could really screw me and block off use of the game all together. So by doing it by capturing it like gameplay I will avoid that, and I think the picture quality would be better because there wouldn’t be the double compression of first uploading to Youtube and then downloading it with one of those youtube ripping websites…

So as for what the crowdfunding will offer for support. Well, I am back to focusing my attention on the one shots I was doing after taking my Patreon down. I still have 11+ pages to line of the second comic but when done it will be like 30 pages long.

First one is a son losing his virginity to his mom.

The second is a daughter losing her virginity to her dad.

This one still has a lot of pages to line. I have them all sketched (18 pages so far but thinking of adding a bit more sex to get it to 20). I am currently lining page 9 and hope to have all lining done in 3 weeks. After that I am going to see if coloring it is a possibility (would be an insane amount of work to color 30 pages…)

So I’ll keep you all updated as things get closer to both Dreams and my Crowdfunding Campaign (gunna look into others besides Kickstarter as I know they don’t allow for porn or financing equipment, maybe that Indigogo one…).

If this sounds like something you’d be willing to support Awesome 😀 I don’t think it will be too huge, got to look at prices and all and not sure how much capture cards are or how to even use them, things I’ll worry about once the art is ready. I think the campaign shouldn’t be more than like 5-600$ though as I just need a basic laptop, nothing fancy.


I was just looking online and see that there is a device for 150 that doesn’t even need to be hooked up to a computer to capture PS4 gameplay, so that would probably be what I get and not bother with a laptop. So then a crowdfunding campaign may not even be necessary, might just do something like make a PayPal link to where you could donate directly in return you get the one shots…