Considering having Zoe end up having sex with a bunch of random guys while getting filmed by the guy at the counter. This would allow for my original thoughts with Zoe’s pregnancy (that she couldn’t be certain at the beginning who the father was). This would include a lot of boxes on Zoe’s list she hasn’t gotten checked yet like sex with a black guy and getting DP’d. Basically I was thinking he would convince her to star in an adult film he films and she would get with 3 or so guys during the night. All would cum in her, and in the next few days of the story she would also finally convince Damien to date her and they too would have sex. A week later she would realize she is pregnant and there would be some fear over who the father actually is.

The other possibility is She just goes home with Damien and they continue where they left off.

I’ll leave it up to you guys with a poll

Zoe has an orgy with some random guys
  • 47.55% - ( 68 votes )
  • 52.45% - ( 75 votes )