So have been hitting a brick wall of sorts with Zoe page 7 and so after posting last night I messed around with this till after 4am. It was fun to do something a bit different and not have the pressure of building a whole one shot around it. Think I could do these from time to time and they might be something I could use to promote the comic. It is hard getting stuff out there and get people to notice you as a webcomic creator and these I could post on places like Hentai Foundry and Deviant Art and maybe find a few new readers.

trying to come up with another idea today so that I can be productive and keep drawing till I get that spark with Zoe again. Page 7 has been a bit of a chore to do. Writing isn’t just putting words down, with my comic writing is the language of the art. What I choose to show in each frame dictates mood, context and so much more. I am not a perfect artist and sometimes I just can’t convey what I am setting out to do and struggle with the layout. the actual words are usually an afterthought and tossed on after the page is completed with a few corney puns for good measure. It is the pictures themselves that tell the story. On page 7 I am struggling with transitioning from Zoe and Damien having anal to the introduction of Abi into the mix. I’ve finished all but the last panel but getting the right expression and reaction out of Damien to finding Abi in the doorway seeing him cum deep in Zoe’s ass has been a struggle. It is a very dynamic thing and I don’t do well with conveying complex things like that (2 people standing is easy. Zoe on Damien’s dick being tossed off as Damien has a knee-jerk reaction to discovering Abi in the room is hard). Dreams more than just taking things in 3D will help me with these complex things that just aren’t easy to find good references online of and is why I have been waiting so impatiently the past 6 years for the game to release.

Well enough ranting, hope you all enjoy the drawing. If you got suggestions for little cute things to for the series, I am calling it CUTIES and it will be just cute girls being partially/fully naked. Not really sex related stuff just cute and sexy stuff that would be right at home on places like Hentai Foundry.