using a screen cap from crow I mocked this up as a proof of concept for what I want to use Dreams to do. I can draw, but I am a far cry from being able to draw PROFESSIONALLY. I hope to use Dreams to make everything in 3D and pose and light it all then place those in a mockup of a comic page that I then can trace to get a page that is far beyond my actual ability. I don’t really think of it as cheating because I am going to still be making all the art and all the assets. It would be like if Disney went and made a Pixar movie, then decided to trace it as a classic traditional animation. Some may go “why do that, 3D is better” well I think that is debatable and in comics I think there is no question that 2D is preferred. By doing this I can start making the stories that I really want to tell.

VIXI has been sitting in my closet as a screenplay for over 7 years now and I really want to tell that story. It’s a very gritty and unflattering look at being a vampire blended into a noir detective story to catch a vicious serial killer known as the Butcher. It will be gory and want it to have a look to match the tone. In Dreams I can mess around with light sources in 3D so that I can really get dynamic images that are high contrast but not lose their definition. At least that is what I hope.

A few short days from now I will finally have Dreams in my hands and then I can finally see WHAT I can and can’t do with it. I hope it lives up to its potential, and with it I hope I too will finally be able to live up to mine.

I hate my job, I want to quit so bad. Most days I daydream of a day where I can just tell my boss or the customers to Fuck off. God I wish I could do that scene from Half Baked when he gets on the intercom and tells everyone off. I am going to be putting a ton of time into Dreams and creating with it, even gunna see about using it to prototype a game idea I have but mostly plan on using it for 3 things. Zoe in a 3D comic, as well as making animated content for a Patreon to hopefully get myself starting to make a living from art. Youtube animations, I have many ideas some as simple jokes some as serious “Pixar shorts” style endeavors. Finally VIXI. I hope you guys will give these other projects a chance but at the very least I hope you guys stick around for Zoe.

Soon as I have the game and start getting a feel for it I will be posting a bunch of stuff to show off what I can do and better give a timeline of when Zoe will reboot and when the others might get made. I really have no idea what the limits of the game and my abilities with it will be, or how long it will take to make things. Once I have more info I will give a detailed outlook of my plans for this year, but my hope is by the end of the year to be able to make a living as an artist (if a meager one) because I find it harder and harder to go into work each day and deal with the customers and my bosses.

Hope you liked the drawing and here is another little test I did today but a bit quicker and less refined.