I was pretty naive to think it would be easy. about 5hrs of playing it in and I still can’t even place a box where I want, let alone create detailed characters and worlds.

There is a really steep learning curve complicated to really finicky motion controls. The controls are proving to be my biggest obstacle.

The game uses a Dualshock 4 and the playstation camera. You move around objects with a weird combination of buttons, joysticks and moving the controller in front of you all at the same time. It is quite a bit to wrap your head around and get everything working TOGETHER instead of AGAINST each other.

I was straight up screaming at the curser like Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore. It is that frustrating.


I am still hopeful. I have been getting better, if slowly, so I think with time I can accomplish the things I set out to do with the game…


This isn’t gunna be something I can figure out in weeks, months, possibly years before I really can pull off detailed characters fucking in sexy animations. So I am going to have to rethink my plans moving forward.

Zoe won’t be rebooting at after this arc. Instead I will show her pregnancy and Abi’s as well. I know many have stated they want to see it, but for those who were looking forward to 3D Zoe getting fucked will have to wait just a bit.

This also is going to change what my thoughts were for a Patreon. I have gone without Patreon for like 5 or so months and was going to wait till I could start posting animated sex scenes in 3D, but that now is a far off goal. I didn’t make much off Patreon but in a pinch it was the difference between going without a car for months and being able to pay someone to fix it in a matter of days. My car is beyond repairs, I thought maybe Dreams would be easy enough that I could just quit my job and spend a year living off my 401K while I got things to a living wage from art, but now that is definitely not feasible. So I will be needing a car. I have been hording every dollar since January I could and have about 2K that can go to a vehicle and I am going to try to keep my car going as long as it can (the repairman guy I know said it isn’t worth fixing all the many problems because it would cost at least 2k to just keep it running) It still runs but can’t get very far without stalling at stops and it struggles to get up to 70mph…

So I am going to be looking at ways I can bring good content that won’t get me banned from Patreon and will reward those of you who wish to help out. I could go back to giving a week look at upcoming pages as well as showing sketches without any effort on my part but I feel that isn’t enough to warrant the 5$ I ask for on Patreon. I was also thinking I could do sexy pinups and post those there first before putting those on Twitter (probably a week ahead too). But again I think that isn’t enticing enough. If I had endless time I would bring back I Love My Bully and My Ten-Tickle Friend but I think the same issues I had before with the artwork being too demanding on my skills is going to make that a no for now (though maybe within a few months my skills with Dreams will allow me to make a school in 3D and then the big hurdle with ILMB could be overcome). That still leaves me with what I could do in the meantime to make it worthwhile.

Any suggestions?


I keep forgetting about what I was working on back when the Patreon was taken down. I have 2 big incest comics that are sitting on my computer unfinished (one is fully lined the other has 12pgs lined and 6 that are only sketches…) While I ponder what I can do in the long term, in the short term I will finish lining those last 6 pages. They can’t go ON patreon… but I could put them on my site FOR patreon people as a loophole for their no incest stance.

If like me you forgot all about these, The pic above is from the still unfinished one. In it a girl’s morning bathroom regiment is interrupted by the hot water going out and when she checks on her dad’s progress in fixing it accidentally drops her towel revealing her half shaved pussy. One thing leads to another and she loses her virginity to her father.