I’m gunna hold off on a Kickstarter till I have things further along. Hopefully ready in about a month (want at least 10pgs done before I launch it so I can give a good idea of what the thing will be to potential Kickstarter backers).

In the meantime…

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up till 8am working on a reboot of Zoe. I have the first page done so far and the whole first arc sketched out (scribbled would be more accurate).

This will go back to the beginning of the story, the minute Zoe becomes an adult. I will do a much compressed version of the arcs that took place before where the site now picks the story up (there is like 100+ pages missing, I will condense that to about 25 taking the most important arcs and leaving out the fluff). I will also work in new material to better set up the story and why Zoe is going overboard with the sex.

I will also be adjusting the characters a bit to better differentiate them (one of the biggest criticisms of the comic is Zoe and Abi look far too similar). Zoe will undergo a few changes, some of which you can see above.

  1. she will be much more petite. The current version I always envisioned her about 5’5, The new one will be more like 5’2. Her breasts have also shrunk a bit and is more slender.
  2. her nose will be a bit more defined but will still be overly large (I know many criticize the nose, but its staying) The nose is a big part of the character and she was never meant to be the epitome of sexy. She is an awkward girl that is teased and bullied a bit as a weirdo.
  3. as you might of noticed she now has glasses. She won’t wear them very often, basically retconning in that she has been wearing contacts this whole time.
  4. She is back to long hair for now (though she will still cut it short after losing her virginity to Caleb and her hair getting covered in puke.
  5. Off and on I have humored the idea that Zoe has a small speech impediment. When overly flustered she is prone to stuttering. I’ve brought this up and dropped it numorous times over the years but I am making it officially part of her character.

The other characters will also go through some changes, but haven’t really drawn any of them yet and will wait till then to decide on each character.

SO, while the comic continues as normal I will have this second version available to Patrons. I know putting Zoe behind a paywall can feel a bit harsh, but it will only be temporary. Like with Patreon before in which I would post the pages first to Patreon (usually 1 week earlier) these are just going there first. Once I finish up this arc (probably 3 to 4 months from now) I will reboot the comic on the site and start posting a page a week. My goal is to get a page a week done so there will be a few months of a buffer on the site.

I will be setting up the Patreon next week by the time the normal page posts and I hope you guys will support it if you can. I am trying to figure out a way to eventually be making a living off my art and Patreon could help a great deal in that. I don’t think I could ever get 3.5k on Kickstarter like I was going to be asking for, so if I could get a patreon going at around 300 a month (It peaks at about 185 before but I will be offering more consistent content so hopeful I can reach that amount in a few months) but if I can hit that amount then when I do a Kickstarter I could probably set it at 2k instead of 3.5k and that seems a lot more feasible.

As always thanks to everyone that visits my site. I love doing this and just hope someday this could be my career instead of my hobby.