page will come this week but probably not ready tonight (will try but got to get my sleep schedule back under control because tomorrows my last day off before work. I threw out the page and started from scratch yesterday because I wasn’t happy with it, the new one is about 70% done so might come tonight around 2am but if it ain’t done by then I will get right back on it when I get up and should have it up by noon Friday (EST time)

To tide you all over here is the sketch of the abandoned version.

I’m finding it hard to get all 4 of them in frame together and have it look good. the poses are hard and finding good references has been a chore so I got frustrated and ended up starting up a reboot of the comic just to do something else for a bit. I’ve come back today and am much happier with where the new page is, but still have to do all the text and the tones and a final panel that show gaping butts full of cum.