So, after considering it for a while I hit a point today at work that had me ready to walk off the job in anger, cooler heads prevailed and I got my cool enough to put in my 2 weeks notice so I don’t burn the bridge if this doesn’t pan out. I got to give it a shot, I graduated 7 years ago and I am no step closer to my dreams as I was the day I graduated. Working at Walmart sucks, which statistically I’m sure many of you out there have worked at one at some point. I’ve had my tires slashed multiple times, I’ve had my life threatened, I’ve been attacked by crazy customers, and I deal with crap every day that just zaps my energy and will. I’ve been dealing with depression for the first time in my life these past 4 or so months and even experienced a anxiety attack a few weeks back dealing with the store. I hate my job, and worse it doesn’t pay the bills. Why be somewhere I hate when the best I can hope for is working there till I’m 70 and retiring or worst case die on the job like the man who hired me in. Everyday I fear that is my future, to unload 2 trucks and work myself till there is nothing left and then die alone in my car. I don’t want that to be my future.

So today I put my notice in and will be done there on the 28th. I am going to focus full time for the next 6 months to try to get my VIXI comic done and hope that either I can get it published or at least might be able to interest a film or tv company to pick it up so I can adapt it. I know the odds of success are low, but I am now 33 and no closer to my goals in life than the day I graduated high school. I have about 12-14K coming to me from my 401K but I am going to try not to drain that. I have a bit saved up to tide me over till I can cash it out but will be looking to do a Kickstarter somewhere around mid June to help. Probably only try for 1k because the 3.5K I considered before seems highly unlikely to succeed. 1k is still a long shot but would basically get me by a month that doesn’t require dipping into my retirement.

I am going to draw full time. I hope to get 4-5pgs a week of VIXI done as well as the page of the Zoe reboot on top of the weekly Zoe page. I also want to finish the one shots so I can add them to Patreon for those that are supporting that (should have the time Wednesday or Thursday to get one of the ones I’ve been working on forever up after fixing a few issues with some of the art).

Any out there who wish to offer support I have a Patreon, there is Kofi, and the eventual Kickstarter. No pressure to support, just for those who wish to lend a hand. Also I love getting comments on my pages. The little joy in life I have is knowing I make people happy, so don’t be a stranger. I’ve been really stressed lately and would love to hear from you all about your thoughts with the Zoe comic.