I see nothing but hate online for the current season of Game of Thrones, I’ve been angry at it off and on as well. After the Night King died without any buildup I thought the show was ruined and started wondering why I’ve wasted 100s of hours watching and rewatching this show these past years (I came in around the end of season 3 after hearing about it everywhere). I was angry and I said there was only 1 way to salvage the show after the “main boss” went out like that, Daenerys had to be the main villain. With the last episode I feared they would cop out and leave Cersei as the final baddy.

Cersei was never a “VILLIAN” in the way that would satisfy me. Sure she is evil, but she is also very human and her motivations have always felt very real and relatable. She was about family and protecting them. You kill her kid you die the most horrible death imaginable. She had to die, but she needed to die with some dignity. I found her and Jamie’s deaths very fitting. The world they fought to get on top of came crashing down on them like a force of nature. They died in each others arms and we see that she really did love Jamie (something I always wondered). We learned years back that they were never the instigators to the whole conflict, they never killed John Aaron (little finger did with the help of Catelyn’s crazy sister). We also learned that she wasn’t the one killing Robert’s bastards (that prick Joffrey did). So many of her terrible deeds were never perpetrated by her. Yes she blew up the church. After being forced to walk through the city naked, being sneered at and shit tossed on you and more importantly your son’s mind being infiltrated by anarchistic cult doctrine, you might react as vengefully. Her other actions can also be understood (but not forgiven) as being done for the sake of her family. She wasn’t power mad, and through the show she never seemed out for power.

From almost the first glimpse of power Daenerys was hungry for it. She urged Kal Drogo to cross the world for her and slaughter the people of Westeros. She was an entitled little bitch from the beginning. She repeatedly used the title of Kaleesi as a badge to do whatever she wanted far beyond her authority. She acted as it gave her command after Drogo died and clearly wanted to rule. We learn she has NEVER had a legitimate claim to the throne due to Jon’s heritage, yet from the beginning she acted as everyone should bow to her and her ever growing list of titles, she sure loved her titles. She made claims many times that she wanted to destroy the wheel but I sure don’t know what she thought that meant because to me that always meant an end to lordships and monarchy’s and the start of something like a democracy, something she clearly never wanted. She wanted to rule, and anyone who she deemed an enemy would be crucified or burned alive. The signs were plastered from the very beginning as to what type of person she was and it was only because of the rational people around her that she didn’t go full “MAD QUEEN” long ago. Now with all the checks gone (all her advisors are either dead or no longer trusted) she is free to act out her worst impulses. Burning thousands of children alive.

Fire is worst than Ice.

The season is far from perfect. With 10 episodes instead of the rushed set of 6 we got I think would of fixed a lot of the issues people are having with the show. I also think the final episode will explain why some issues exist, namely Bran. I think in the final episode Daenery’s wrath will turn north and it will take all the Starks coming together to defeat Fire. One of the biggest criticisms with the Long Night was bran not using his warging ability on a dragon. I feel pretty sure we are going to finally get that in the finale. To do it twice would ruin the impact.

This is just wishful thinking but this is how I hope the final episode goes.

Tyrion is killed by daenerys (doesn’t need to happen but if the story goes north I don’t really think he needs to be involved and can’t see him sitting out if left alive).

She then turns her fury north to kill Sansa.

Jon and Arya are forced to hurry north to stop her.

Being on a dragon she outpaces them and starts laying waste to the north.

when all seems lost Bran wargs the dragon taking away Daenerys power.

Jon has to kill her by executing her, like Ned said the one that passes the sentence…

Also Breanne needs a win after her sad one night stand so I think she should get the kill on Grey Worm.

These are just a few key points I think should happen, but the show likes to surprise so none could come to pass.

You look at the Starks. Each of them EARNED their power, whether that be fighting ability, magical ability, or political skills and place of leadership.

Jon studied with warriors and put the world before himself. He died for his beliefs and was brought back. He became king without ever asking for it due to the respect he had EARNED. When those betrayed him he acted with mercy, a simple dignified hanging for those that murdered him and the houses that didn’t support him were allowed to keep their lands and titles. He is now the rightful king of Westeros but has no desire for the power. A title matters nothing to him, if he rules the 7 kingdoms it will be because the people request him to. He will EARN their support by fighting a tyrant that burns people alive indiscriminately.

Bran was crippled then learned to Warg. Over the past 5-6 seasons he has been studying and working at it. He didn’t seek out this life, he just wanted to climb (btw, call back. “will I ever walk again” “No, but you will fly” foreshadowing him warging the dragon? I think so).

Sansa wanted to be queen and wanted “nice things” but she learned and grew over the seasons. She is no longer a little bird and has suffered more than any other person in the show. Daenerys is quick to point out all the unjust things done to herself but Sansa has come out of such worse injustices with a calm reserve.

Arya has been on a journey since the beginning. Already a skilled archer in a land that frowns on women fighting she goes on to learn the sword and eventually how to be an assassin. The “firiest” (don’t think that’s a word) Stark, she still has always acted with the honor of her father. When tasked with assassinating an actress only guilty of being the subject of envy she refuses. When face to face with many who have wronged her she acts with mercy. She allowed the Hound to live, and even allowed Jagen H’ghar to live even after he put a hit out on her.

Danaerys has always looked for vengeance. Cersei has even allowed Tyrion to live every time she has had a chance to get her vengeance on him and he is the person in the world she hates more than anyone else.

Danaerys is the true villain, and it isn’t a 180. She was never a liberating hero, she was a conqueror with no cares for the customs and traditions of those she conquers.

I hope the show ends well, it is definitely less than perfect but my final defense is this. Many are calling out the show runners for the show. They had a year to do what R.R. Martin is taking decades to do, end the story. Clearly he is struggling with getting all the pieces to fit and that is why the books are still not done. The show runners didn’t have the option to take 10 years to make the greatest ending ever. They had to do the best they could with the little time they had (and budgetary restraints).

One last thing, even if you don’t like the show, if you like my comic you have GOT to thank for all the incest. I really doubt I would of ever had the guts to go down this route without GOT’s laying the groundwork for making incest okay in stories to a general audience.