So I think most of you realize that how I write Zoe is organically. I have a idea of where I want it to go and some broad points that I need to hit but I like to leave the how I get there open to change. There has always been a few constants in the story but also a ton of changes from original plans and past iterations of the comic (the most notable being the incest in the current version of the comic). I just want to soundboard some of my ideas going into the reboot and see where the audience stands on them because with it being far in the future before they are publicly viewable I don’t have that week to week look at where the audience wishes things to go. There have been times that I’ve altered trajectory based on feedback (this whole night being one such case as I considered Zoe going home with that guy at the adult bookstore and getting gangbanged on camera).

So currently I am about 10% done with the 5th page of the reboot and it is making a deviation that is as substantial as the 2 I’ve mentioned above. The first arc has always been Zoe attacking Damien while in character and biting him with her fake fangs. I am still starting it like that but the destination the arc ends at is very different. With her hymen getting “popped”.

The story before was pretty confusing for many people with Zoe getting penetrated by Damien but still considering herself a virgin so am thinking of addressing that, and her views on sex, early on. I will also devote some time to establishing the core conflict of the story. Zoe and Damien’s differing views on sex.

First I’ll preface this outline with all of this could change, I never try to have anything set in stone till the page is done and often the context of a page can greatly change by the time I finish it even just with a change of the dialogue.

Arc 1

Zoe sneaks out of her room the moment she turns 18 intending to lose her virginity to Damien.

She meets him in a dark field and tackles him. Her breast getting exposed by her choice to wear clothes too big for her.

Damien nervously brings attention to Zoe’s exposed breasts and she responds by taking the rest of her clothes off (this is what is set in stone as it has been drawn and finished).

Zoe talks to him about her excitement to finally lose her virginity to him, that she has resisted temptation to use toys inside her and still has her hymen intact for him. That she understands he is old fashioned and traditional and would want to deflower her.

She then unzips him, while sitting on him and gets nervous seeing his very large penis for the first time.

She tries to take him in her vagina but the hymen resists. he is concerned about the locale (being outside even if after midnight) but Zoe says its romantic under the stars and POPS.

Its more painful than Zoe anticipates and she cries out. In the distance someone hollers at them (a stranger walking their dog).

Damien is freaking out about getting caught and Zoe loses her footing and takes him all the way to the cervix and hollers out again.

She gets off him and the 2 of them grab their clothes and run off.

That is the first arc as I currently envision it. The second arc will be them at his house sneaking in and Zoe wanting to try again but Damien is afraid that they’d wake his parents and they’d get caught (plan to establish part of the hang up is Damien’s family doesn’t much care for Zoe and think she is a bad influence on Damien). In the end she settles for oral and her vagina has a bit of blood from getting penetrated.

After that arc she will be first with her mom, then with her therapist discussing the night, and how it didn’t go how she hoped and that she has doubts about having a relationship with Damien. That she waited till 18 for him and twice she tried with him and if he isn’t adventurous and spontaneous enough to do her in those situations how is she ever going to experience the many things she wants to try including anal, lesbian, and double penetration. That, like in the current comic, is the core conflict that drives the story. Zoe likes Damien but she wants to experience everything and Damien is too old fashioned for that to be possible.

So what do you guys think? Originally it was going to be about 5 or 6 arcs in before she gets penetrated and that was when she has the pregnancy scare because he cums immediately. I will still do that arc but the context will be more of Zoe wants stuff with him but knows that sex is a big step and that if she has SEX with him they will be in a relationship and that he’d desire it to be monogamous. So instead she will be trying to give him a grindy lap dance and accidentally get slightly penetrated as he cums. Then the fear of pregnancy puts her through a whirlwind of emotions and when she comes out of it after 10 days she decides she needs to start experiencing these desires with someone… just as Caleb walks back into her life.