Here is a preview of the newest reboot page, it’s an entire page of closeups of Zoe’s first penetration.

As of Tuesday night I am no longer employed. I am taking a huge risk trying to make a living as an artist, but I ain’t getting any younger and I don’t want to see myself still working retail 20 years from now having never attempted to make anything of myself. I hope this will be a first step towards something great, but I’d settle for being able to scrape by as an artist (at least that would be a life where I feel I am doing more than just occupying space…).

I am going to be focusing my attention of both the reboot of Zoe (which is full color and will be a bit better thought out using the current version as a rough draft), and VIXI. I will be finishing up the current Zoe in about 5-6 weeks (got to give enough time for Zoe and Damien’s first time together to really shine), then will start posting the reboot (which currently has 6 pages done). If you want to see it now it is available to Patron’s for 5$ a month. The Patreon is just shy of 160$ a month, at 250$ a month the first global reward is met and I will do a sexy wallpaper for everyone on the site (both Patrons and regular visitors alike).

I hope to get at least 3 pages a week of VIXI done and hope to have 10pgs done by the 15th-20th and then start a Kickstarter for it. Unlikely to succeed but doesn’t hurt to try.

Thanks to everyone who visits this site. I’d love it if people will comment on pages. Really cheers me up seeing people engaging with the site.