I am looking to take things a bit further, exaggeration wise. For instance the first arc (which a new page has just posted on the reboot page for you patrons out there) is about Zoe’s defloweration (don’t think that is a word…) I’ve made sure to show her hymen, it being broken, X-ray looks at the penetration, and quite a bit more blood than is realistic. The page I am currently working on will take it a step further and show basically a anatomical view of her and Damien’s big dick pushing her organs out of the way.

I dabbled in a lot of niches in the current version but the incest and anal ones where the only 2 I really think I fully explored. I am looking at what other fetishes I can expand on in the new version.

My hope is going a bit further with things will make it stand out from the pack and hopefully pull in more readers. So what sort of things should I try to work in that didn’t get explored the last time around, or what was there but you wish there was a bigger emphasis on? Also if you guys want to help me out, please try to share the comic if you ever find a situation that warrants a bit of plugging πŸ˜€ With project wonderful gone I don’t really know how to go about growing the site all that much. So if you guys read other comics that the audiences might be up for what this comic offers, help me out and post a link to my site. With myself focusing fully on drawing and not having an income coming in I need to really start growing my comic, which is extremely hard to do.