I’ve now been out of work for 3 weeks. Admittedly not been the most productive ever, beat God Of War and have been sleeping a ton. Wanted to update where I am with everything at this time.

Current Zoe

I am thinking I will end it in 2 weeks (this Friday’s page and 2 more after that). I had this page sketched but never saved it and had a circuit breaker pop causing the loss of a bunch of in progress stuff. Should be able to get a page up on time this week without problem as it was a pretty simple page idea (just 2 panels).

Zoe Reboot

Currently have 8 pages done and up for my Patrons. Really liking how it is coming along but it is slow work. The reason I stopped coloring pages 3 years ago was because it added about 10hrs of work to each page, that is still the case. I’m finding it very time consuming, but am liking the results. I also lost the next page with the power going out but have since re sketched it as well as sketched next weeks pages. I am really focusing on upping the sex side of things at every chance. Originally I was going to have a single deep poking in which Zoe screams out alerting a passerby and sending the two of them running off. That is changing a bit. Now it is going to be minutes of Zoe riding Damien and that passerby is going to be jerking it in the shadows (Zoe will know he’s there but not Damien). There are 2 main things I am going for. first, Zoe is really insecure and inexperienced. An internal monologue of her self consciousness will be getting in the way of her enjoyment. Second, Zoe won’t be considering this sex. There will be a clear distinction in her mind between deflowering, and losing her virginity. She will consider herself DEFLOWERED by Damien because he penetrated her, but because she got no enjoyment out of it she will still consider herself a virgin. This was a major source of contention with readers the last time (to the point that I decided to purge half the comic so that it wouldn’t sore/confuse new readers) so I am trying to make sure to really clearly explain the distinction in Zoe’s eyes. Everyone is welcome to disagree with Zoe being a virgin, but within the confines of the story SHE will consider herself still a virgin.


Not much progress has been made. I wasn’t happy with a lot of the stuff I showed before and tossed a great deal of it and redid it. I currently have 5 pages (lost a sketch of page 6 too…) done. Took out most of the nudity, now there is a single boob shown compared to before when there were 2 pages pushing the boundaries to porn. I am still going to wait till I have 10 pages done before I consider doing a Kickstarter so probably sometime next month.