As the Zoe story comes to a close after about 5years (this current version, 7years counting the first version) I just want to thank you all. When I started this comic the first 6 or so months saw many days where only 1 or 2 people would visit and I seldom saw numbers greater than 40people a day for the first year. Even just 2 years ago 200 viewers was the average. The average now is roughly 500 a day (Fridays often closer to 900 most weeks) and I am very appreciative to each and everyone of you that takes the time to visit my site.

I want to thank you all I’m going to be doing a few things to thank you all over the next month or two. I mentioned I want to include you guys in the writing of a non canon story arc and will see how to best do that in the coming weeks… But also want to offer up commissions. Basically I am going to do 10 drawings of what you guys want to see. I will be messaging my Patrons to get ideas and will put it to a public poll but I will also include suggestions from you all, so please suggest things you’d like to see in the comments below. Next Friday with the new page post I will put up a poll with all the suggestions (probably, not sure if there is a limit on poll questions that might mess it up…) Then will start work on the 10 winning suggestions. Gunna shoot for 2 a week over the next 2 months.

So what do you guys wish was in the comic? Or what do you really just want more of?