So I was gone yesterday pulling seaweed out of a lake all day, getting sunburned and I wake up today to see where the voting is at and I see a few choices have doubled, meanwhile everything else is pretty much the same… There was some cheating on the poll. One of the biggest cheats was the cheating choice so the person/persons loves cheating (have about 3 ip addresses that are suspect but I won’t put them here to embarrass the culprits)

unfortunately I don’t have the pre cheating numbers but I know which answers were cheated (I have the IP and the choices each made)

These are the main few that were altered by repeated voting.

Cheating, Size compare, rapey guy succeeding, throatfuck

Each of these had about 40 votes before the cheating.

Throughout the course of the poll there were a few that stood out at the top

Loli and 3way usually in first and second place. Beastiality and public sex tying for 3rd. Schoolgirl outfit in 5th. How the rest stood up I can’t fully remember the order (I know spanking and pregnant were pretty high)

I will do a mini comic for these 5 (2-3pages most likely).

The list off the poll currently, including the cheated answers is

3way 108

loli/shota 102

cheating 89 *

public 87

size compare 87 *

6way 86 *

rape 85 *

spank 84 *ish

throat 84 *

beastiality 81

schoolgirl 81

The ones with the * are where the cheating happened the most. I will still do a drawing for everyone on this list, and I will add Pregnant and Bondage because without the cheating both would of been around 7th-8th place on the list.

So the final list of what I will be drawing

Loli,3way,beast,public,school will all get full noncanon comic arcs.

cheating, size, 6way, rape, spank, throat, pregnant, bondage will all get a single page pic or mini arc depending on what I come up with.

Thanks to all that voted.

Been working on a few that were clear frontrunners, the first that is finished is the beastiality comic so will give a little preview now and Sat I will post its full 3 pages (patrons can find the comic today in the VIP section).